login to Advocate

What is Advocate?

Advocate the web-based conduct management application the Office of Student Conduct uses. Different groups use Advocate in different ways.

Anyone can use Advocate to file an online report. The online report is intended for employees and students to make an allegation that a student has violated the Undergraduate Code of Conduct.

Resident Advisors can log in to Advocate to submit an incident report. Incident reports are intended for RAs to report alleged violations of the Code by students they observe in the course of their job duties. RAs should not use the public online report that is available to the public - the incident report collect much more detailed information.

Conduct Officers can log in to Advocate to process student conduct cases assigned to them by the Director. Through Advocate, a CO can review reports associated with an alleged violation, send secure electronic correspondence to a student, enter charges, and make sanction recommendations.

Employees that need access to student disciplinary records can request an Advocate account that will allow them to log in and look up student disciplinary records. Access is granted on a case-by-case basis by the Director.

How Do I Log In?

If you have an Advocate account click here to log in. You will need your netID and password. If you do not have an Advocate account but believe you should have one (or want to request one), contact Julia Thompson, Director of Student Conduct (email: Julia.thompson@emory.edu).