Emory University Undergraduate Code of Conduct

This is the most current version of the Undergraduate Code of Conduct. All undergraduate students are expected to know and follow the Code.

Alcohol and Other Drug Sanction Verification Form

If you are required to complete ECHUG or the Risk Reduction program then you will need to have the Health Educator you meet with sign a copy of this form at the completion of your last required meeting (ECHUG follow-up requires 1 meeting, Risk Reduction requires 2 meetings). Submit the completed form to the student conduct office, located in DUC E505.

Mandated Community Service Completion Information

Volunteer Emory provides weekly service trips for students who are required to complete mandated community service. Please check with the student conduct office prior to your service; there are pre and post-service requirements that students must complete, and not all VE weekly service trips can be used to meet this requirement.

Request to Release Disciplinary Information to a Third Party

Use this form to ask the student conduct office to send information from your disciplinary record to a third party, such as a law or medical school admissions office. The form must be completed, signed, and then submitted to the student conduct office.