The Undergraduate Code of Conduct lays out the expectations the university community has for undergraduate students. It also explains the process for resolving alleged violations of those expectations.
Students are expected to know and follow policies which may apply to them. For instance, students living in the residence halls are expected to follow the policies established by the Office of Residence Life and Housing. Other examples include policies on the use of computer and network resources or parking and traffic.

The Office of Student Conduct checks annually to ensure that these links are up to date. If you find a link that is out of date or contains incorrect information please email our office at conduct@emory.edu

Information Technology Conditions of Use Medical Amnesty Parking and Transportation Rules, Regulations, and Commute Information Residence Life and Housing Policies and Standards Sorority and Fraternity Life University Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy University Freedom of Expression Policy University Sexual Misconduct Policy

Students are also invited to visit Emory University's policies web site and click on the link at the bottom right of that page titled "General Policies" for a listing of policies relevant to students.