Applying to Study Abroad

The Center for International Programs Abroad (CIPA) coordinates study abroad applications for students in Emory College. The Gouzieta Business School has its own study abroad programs for students enrolled in that school. Both CIPA and the Business School ask questions about a student's disciplinary history on their application form. For example, CIPA asks the following question:

Has it ever been alleged through an RA or police report or meeting with a University official or hearing board that your behavior violated the Code of Conduct? (This includes any pending appeals or sanctions in progress.)

The application then goes on to explain:

If you answered "yes" to the questions above, please share the details, including the exact date(s) of occurrence(s), violation(s), and sanction(s) completed. Please also include an explanation for any pending appeals or sanctions in progress. CIPA will check the conduct code records all study abroad applicants. The existence of a disciplinary record or current disciplinary sanctions does not necessarily preclude you from participating on a CIPA program, but will be considered in the overall evaluation of your application. Even if you have completed sanctions, the violation(s) will still appear on your record at Emory. If you are in doubt about your conduct record, please consult with the Office of Student Conduct before submitting your study abroad application.

Many students tell us they thought their violation was minor, didn't go on their record, and therefore didn't need to be reported on a study abroad application. All violations of the Undergraduate Code of Conduct (including violations in the residence halls) are a part of your disciplinary record. You should report any violation on your application.

As part of their selection processes, both CIPA and the Business School inquire with the Office of Student Conduct regarding the disciplinary records of their applicants. Giving false or inaccurate information on an application can be an even greater problem than the violation that you failed to mention. The best policy is to be honest. If you have questions about your record and what needs to be report, check with us first.

For more information

If you have questions about conduct and your application to a study abroad program sponsored by CIPA, please contact your CIPA advisor by phone (404-727-2240) or email (

If you have questions about an application for a study abroad program sponsored by the Business School, you can contact Associate Director Valerie Molyneaux by phone (404-727-4294) or email (