Disciplinary Records

The Office of Student Conduct is the custodian of all non-academic disciplinary records for undergraduate students and alumni of Emory University. Any time a student accepts responsibility or is found responsible for violating the Undergraduate Code of Conduct a record is created and maintained in our office. We comply with the University Policy on the Confidentiality and Release of Information About Students.

We keep all disciplinary records for at least seven years from the date of the incident that led to the creation of the record (i.e., if you were at a loud party in a residence hall and that led to you accepting responsibility for violating the Residence Life policy on courtesy & quiet hours the record would be kept for at least seven years from the date of the party). Records relating to suspension and expulsion are kept permanently.

We do not expunge records. We do not find this helpful to either the university or students. For the university, we need records of past behaviors in order to make the best decision for a student and the community. For students, we have found that outside agencies requesting disciplinary information make clear their intent is to know all disciplinary information, even if a school's policy is to expunge records. Given that fact, we keep records in order to provide accurate information to assist students.

You might have questions about how a disciplinary record may impact study abroad or applications to professional schools. We have specific parts on our website that talk about our experience working with each of these application processes. If you have more questions after reading this please contact us by phone (404.727.3154) or email (conduct@emory.edu).

Inspecting Your Record

Students and alumni can inspect their disciplinary record at any time. To do so, contact our office by phone (404.727.3154) or email (conduct@emory.edu). You will need to make an appointment with a staff member. We do not make or release copies of disciplinary records, except when it would be impossible for you to view your record in person.

Challenging Your Record

You might feel part of the information in your disciplinary record is inaccurate. In this case, you have the right to challenge perceived inaccuracies. If you would like to challenge a perceived inaccurary in your disciplinary record please contact Assistant Director of Student Conduct Victoria Chan (404.727.4118, vchan4@emory.edu). Challenging an inaccuracy in your disciplinary record is not an appeal process and a challenge cannot be used to dispute a finding of responsibility or a sanction issued through the conduct process. Appealing a decision is a seperate process, and information about the appeal process can be found in the Undergraduate Code of Conduct.