Sorority/Fraternity Life Review Board

The Sorority/Fraternity Life Review Board is an informal hearing body established by the Undergraduate Code of Conduct. All members of the Board are undergraduate students affiliated with a fraternity or sorority. The Board is advised by Julia Thompson, Director of Student Conduct.

As an informal hearing body the Board is empowered to receive reports of alleged violations of the Code, hold meetings with students or student organizations accused of violating the Code, determine if a student or student organization accused of violating the Code is responsible for the alleged violation, and recommend sanctions to the Director of Student Conduct. Decisions of the Board can be appealed.

The Board typically reviews reports of alleged misconduct for individual students and fraternity or sorority chapters that took place within a Greek-facility (fraternity house or sorority lodge), at a chapter function, or is otherwise linked to the student's membership in the chapter (for example, a violation of recruitment policies) or the activities of the chapter.